Self-care: What I have observed from my cat

As women, we often tend to put ourselves at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to self-care. And when we do indulge, often times we feel guilty.

We have more responsibilities and all. I think that alone is should be enough reason for a regular chill, but we never seem to.

After unconsciously observing my cat’s daily indulgences (she has seven kittens), I decided to borrow a leaf from her self-care practice.

Here goes:

  • You deserve the best.

Mama cat is very cognisant of what she eats, where she sleeps, heck! I’m almost sure even how she she looks.
She has standards! The rest of us in the household have learnt to give only the best to her.

I think if women were to take a similar approach, the world would be falling over to meet our standards. Homework perhaps?

Kinda reminds of a quote I’ve heard numerous times from Les Brown “Most people aim too low and miss.”

Let’s UP to our best self, shall we? 🙂

  • Take time out.

Mama cat is the epitome of dropping her I-run-this-cul-de-sac ego.
For instance, every day after a lunch, she always indulges a luxurious nap. Yes, nap not siesta. She leaves her kitties playing or napping and cat walks into our house. She then proceeds to sprawl herself on her favourite living room chair without a care.

And there I am buried in my computer, huh!Sometimes I think she’s mocking me.

Lesson: Shut out occasionally, learn to delegate, take that long overdue massage or that mid day nap to rejuvenate.
Go ahead and retreat within, I assure you the world will continue rotating 🙂

  • Enjoy nature.

Do you ever feel like you work so hard yet never have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor? I do, sometimes.

While I have a vegetable garden in my backyard that I tend to religiously, mama cat has beaten me to actually enjoying the beautiful result.

On sunny days, she’ll assemble her brood under the shady avocado tree to escape the heat and get a breath of fresh air. Me? I turn on the air con inside the concrete jungle
She sometimes naps on the mat at the front door taking in the scent of the roses. Again, I’m usually inside the concrete jungle buried in my laptop.

Lesson: Go outside and watch the beautiful butterflies, gaze at the skies, take a drive out of town into the fresh countryside air, enjoy the sun shining, read a romantic novel under a tree and roll-giggle … you get the drift 🙂

Now to my own mood-lifting routine …

Whenever my vibe plummets, I turn up the volume on Beyonce’s Girls run the world. I sing along loudly and dance in front of a full length mirror. Works like magic 🙂

What are your simple self-care tips? Share in the comments below


Law of Seduction

Ok … you got me … I’ve been watching way too many youtube videos.

This is one of my favoritas

If you’ve never watched it, hop on – no need for popcorns coz this video pops!

Don’t forget to leave your comments on the video below, ¿sí?

Who else has no time for makeup ?

I’ve never been crazy about makeup … blame it on  growing up as an only girl with two brothers. Add the hot climate on this side of the equator and my oily skin, makeup application lost whtever little fun was left.

About two years ago, I decided to be all girly girl and get my make up groove on. The transformation was amazing I couldn’t even keep tabs on the number of times guys jaws dropped And the famous ‘smokey eye’ on my brown eyes, let’s just say killing me softly is an understatement 🙂

But now it’s been like [let me spare myself the embarrassment] weeks, okay! months, since I did makeup. Why? It’s simply too time consuming!

It’s such a task that the most I can do is apply lip gloss as I’m driving to my destination, and we all know this is dangerous.

So, my fellow rockstars, here is a quick makeup tutorial for that look-that-we-love-but-not-willing-to-spend-an-hour-on :

Let’s put the tutorial to the test, right?

Do you have other quick makeup  tips? Share in the comments below

How to rock your feminine – 3 ‘Legally blonde’ lessons

legally blonde

It is not often that I watch a movie, especially not a second time.

There are some exceptions though – pretty woman and anything starring Julia Roberts. I also love me some Antonio Banderas, Steven Segal, Jennifer Lopez and a few selected others.

And yes! I’ve watched legally blonde a couple of times.

Not only is the story of Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon) interesting, but I think it has great lessons. Two nights ago when I watched the movie, I had some realizations about life, leadership and management on the feminine lane.

OK, I know what you are probably wondering of what value is a chick flick apart from entertainment. Well, humour me and let’s learn some feminine lessons:

• Believe in yourself

If you want to do something, do it!

Others may think it’s not what suits or is right for you, but guess what? People will always have an opinion of you, good or bad, but the most important opinion is yours.

There may be some rough times, you may lack certain skills but you will find your footing and be a star!

Elle Woods exemplifies this extremely well. From getting into Harvard Law School, graduating with Honors and all the way into making her case in Congress and winning.

• Be nice

Being nice is often frowned upon in this nasty world. But it’s so pleasurable and makes life so much easier.

People think that by being nice you are equating yourself to a door mat but you actually get to be who you want and have what you want. You’ve got to try it to see it.

From the movie and in my opinion, everyone backs the nice, polite, warm person … even the mean people eventually get on your side … and it feels oh so good.

Elle succeeds not by being b*tchy or outsmarting everyone. She’s smart enough to be nice and knows how to connect with others, even the unlikely ones.

She always goes out of her way to make each person feel special and in turn, they go all out for her.

• Do it your way

There’s no value added in trying to be someone else, after all, you are so unique even your twin cannot match you.
Why then do we do things ‘It’s how things are done’ way? If we can leverage our experiences, knowledge, creativity etc, we’d be far much ahead.

One of the things I admire about this blonde girl is her authenticity. She is unconventionally flamboyant for a legal setting and this is her greatest asset.

Elle’s personality is unforgettable to everyone she interacts with. Her pinkness, her dog, her fashion consciousness (which helps her win a murder case and loads of congress votes) – Elle embraces it all.

There you have it … legally blonde 🙂

Identified with any of the lessons or want to add some? Leave a comment below.

If your dream ain’t crazy or scary, dream again!

Spending a week in Dubai, a city that less than two decades ago was like a desert camp, is like taking a journey to limitlessness. It turns impossible to I’m possible.

The sights of Dubai fuel one’s thoughts, desires, dreams and passion to achieve one’s life purpose.

Dreams, dreams, the crazier the dreams, the grander and more magnificent Dubai became and continues to become. Were it not for these dreams, this Emirate would a god-forsaken piece of desert sh*t.

Dubai in 1990

Dubai Today

Dubai Today

Look at how this Emirate has done for itself. The power of dreaming big, crazy and scary! Reclaiming prime land from the sea! Using what they already have to build an international hub!

Being in Dubai fuels my possibilities.

In this life people can, and will, laugh at our dreams because they are “too big”, “crazy”, “not for people like you”.

Well, the people can go ahead and laugh and mock and roll on the floor. But guess what? Like Dubai, our dreams will have the final laugh if we forge ahead, and yeah! we can call the laughter’s bullshi*t!

Dubai Today

Dubai Today

We have to dream crazy, then look inside, for therein lies everything we need to succeed and make our dreams come true.

And if our dreams are realistic, let’s hit the pillow again and take the dreams notches higher, Yes?

The sacred purpose of a Car Battery

“If you were an item in a shopping mall /supermarket, what would you opt to be?” I was once asked

Without even thinking twice, I responded that I’d love to be a car battery. This answer was informed by the fact that for a vehicle to move, it needs a battery. From the gorgeous red Mercedes convertible (my dream car) to the rugged jalopy, they all have a battery to keep them moving, at least in my corner of the world.

My reasoning  for being a battery was “you can’t do without me even if you wanted to.”

That was then, though I’d still want to be a car battery, I had a revelation on  why- a same script, different cast sort of revelation, huh!

I’ve been on a growth / spirituality journey and today I was watching these videos on guardian angels. Interesting topic.

After I was done with the videos,  I went upstairs (in my house, not heaven duh! 🙂 ) to attend to something I needed to. The car battery answer came back to me.  I remembered about three months when I was rushing somewhere and my neighbour stopped me for assistance because his car battery was dead. He wanted my help to jump-start his car. The positioning of his vehicle was such that the jumper cables would not reach from my car to his.

We thought of removing my car battery and putting it into his. He’d then start his car and let the engine run for about a minute before returning each of the batteries to their respective cars and voila! his battery would charge.

I had seen this technique of charging a low battery since my childhood and I knew it works 100%.

In less that 15 minutes, we were done and I went off to attend to my errands as my neighbour’s car was now running on it’s own battery. Since then, he greets me with a sunshine of a smile that warms my heart even in the dullest moments.

When I remembered that ‘dead battery charging’ incident, I realized that what my guardian angel was telling me is that we can help charge and leverage another person’s energy without depleting our own.

During my previous answer, all that I thought of was Me, Me, You can’t do without Me – I run this S*#t ! way of thinking.

Today I refreshed my car battery answer and injected a divine purpose into it. With the new thinking, my angel revealed to me that I gain nothing by being self-centered and selfish!

I am reminded of a lady I interviewed early this year for a woman’s magazine. This is what she said to me:

“I want to help create a society where

one can be a rich man with no tall fences

because we are all equally empowered

and forging ahead together,

thus eliminating the need for isolation

because of fear of attacks from thugs and the like.”  

~ Judith Owingar

You can read the full article HERE 

My angel guided revelation proved the title of this post:  We may have the means to drive off and achieved whatsoever we desire in life, but it is more meaningful and sacred if we empower those around us, and they empower those around them, and we create a world of empowered humanity!

We may have an abundance of material wealth, health, knowledge, happiness, resources etc within our reach or that belongs to us, but we can best serve humanity with a few minutes of sharing the know-how of the proverbial ‘teach a man to fish and you won’t have to feed him for a lifetime because he has the skill to catch his own fish.’

If you learn late, pass it on to other people so they can learn early.
It’s a step process
~ Russell Simmons

Are your thoughts serving you?

I am a worrier. There, I admit! Sometimes the smallest things get me in the lowest vibration and interfere with my natural patterns.

I am very good at hiding my worries though, perhaps it’s the virgo in me.

I have perfected the art of smiling on the outside while my mind is running up hills of worry and heaving endlessly.

On Friday night as I was about to catch a wink, I went online to check my final semester’s grade and got a report that was seemingly unpleasant. I got out of bed and started scouring my university catalogue to see what an‘IS’ grade means.

In Session ? What The …. ? How can it be In Session  yet I had finished my Senior Project and handed it in albeit late? I have already scanned my work for plagiarism and the SafeAssign report shows that my project is an original work, haven’t I? My instructor and the dean each have a soft copy of my work don’t they? May be I should have gone to the university and explained to the dean about the delay in having  the project presented as a hard copy booklet ?

These and many thoughts kept me up almost all night as I wondered what I might have done better to ensure that the project booklet was completed and approved in time.

I tried meditating but my thoughts were too scattered.

On Saturday morning I struggled with getting out of bed to go to the farm and check on my farming ventures. I was tempted to tell my hubby to go alone.

“Oh come off it Terry! The countryside will do you good.” I felt that small inner voice say to me.

I got out bed, got ready quickly and headed for the fresh air and the greenery of the country side.

As we drove to the farm, we passed by the road to my university and out of the blues,  hubby asked me how my delayed project was coming along.I told him about the ‘IS’. Suddenly it occurred to me … “it could be that my lecturer was swamped with going through all our projects and had delayed in inputting the grades into the online system. ” #LightBulbMoment !!!

The ‘light bulb’ thought was replaced by intervals of worry through out the weekend about that IS grade.

Today (Monday) I woke up very early and headed to the university as a new semester begins. I needed to check the progress of printing and binding my project into a booklet.

The first person I run into an academic advisor  who I’m friendly with. I told her about the IS  grade, leaving out the sleepless nights of worry,  of course. She told me an IS  means that the lecturer is yet to input the grade into the online system. Phew! # hurdle 1 !

The library binding area is full of research projects and thesis’s,  so much is the work that  they (library staff) barely have time for a bathroom break. They will be done with my booklet by the end of the week. #hurdle 2!

I decided to check if my project Supervisor / lecturer was in her office despite being officially on Summer break. And there she was, seated at her desk inputting the grades !!! #hurdle 3 ! #all hurdles passed !!!

Apparently, she had many projects to grade and being the meticulous professor she is, it took her more time. The university online system was ‘down’ thus she was not able to input the grades on time. Phew! #all hurdles passed !!!

As I sat in her office and saw her enter my perfect and straight ‘A’, I realized how I had let undeserving thoughts bog down my weekend. I should have listened to the smaller inner voice because it never lies, damn!

I let negative thoughts take my soul hostage for over two days! I let the negative thoughts interfere with my vibration unnecessarily!

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, 
Your thoughts become your words, 
Your words become your actions, 
Your actions become your habits, 
Your habits become your values, 
Your values become your destiny.” 

Mahatma Gandhi

Thankfully, during the bouts of negative IS  thoughts, I would consciously try to distract myself from all the negativity with positive affirmation. I believe this is what kept me sane.

I have learnt a lesson in the need to let go of whatever thoughts that don’t serve me or my purpose; the need to listen and connect to my inner ‘small voice’ and connect to the Source. And off into the vortex my positive thoughts go 🙂

Oh, and my Professor loves my research project. She recommended me for a conference that will be held later this year 🙂